As we all know, the world is crashing down. 
That shouldn’t prevent us from meeting new and interesting students.

We’ll introduce you to the quarantined student you share the most in common with!

the magic

1. Tell us what you love

Cures boredom

2. Get introduced to someone 

They'll have things in common with you

3. Meet online through Zoom!

Sure, why not!?

our goal

We're a group of Columbia University students that are fascinated by social interactions. 
Our goal is to make quarantine less boring by letting you meet cool people. 
Whether you use this to have a conversation about your common interests, make friends all over the US, find a study partner, or meet a long-distance partner (why would you want this)...
It is all up to you.

contact us

If you have any questions or concerns... or want to join the team (software engineers wanted)...please reach out!